Sustainability in today's world is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Increasing legislation and civil society pressures are pushing companies to care more than short-term profits and move towards the triple bottom line i.e. People, Profit and Planet.


Companies that have grasped sustainability at a strategic level understand that being sustainable allows cost savings, opportunities and helps the company ride out economic cycles by strengthening stakeholder relationships.

Sustainability Strategy and Implementation
Creating a sustainability program can be time-consuming. Most often, it is hard to identify the appropriate skills and available time within your company. By first carrying out a gap analysis that compares your social responsibility management arrangements with the guidance in ISO 26000, Alaya Consulting then designs short- and long-term sustainability plans that add value and profit to your business.

ISO 26000 is an international standard that gives guidance on ways to integrate social responsibility into strategies, processes, systems and practices. We guide our clients through integrating sustainability into their overall strategy and company culture, developing business case to achieve buy-in, setting strategies in specific sustainability areas, providing targeted solutions pertaining to key performance areas, and benchmarking against domestic and global standards in their industry.

As the number of companies producing sustainability reports grows, there is increasing pressure from stakeholders and authorities for a guarantee of the reliability and accuracy of the report. To provide this guarantee, a third-party assurance can be carried out on the sustainability report.

Alaya Consulting is a licensed assurance provider for delivering the AA1000 Assurance Standard. The AA1000AS (2008) assurance provides a platform to align the non-financial aspects of sustainability with financial reporting and assurance and a means for assurance providers to evaluate the way reporting organisations manage sustainability and to reflect that management and resulting performance in its assurance statements.

Report assurance provides stakeholders with the confirmation that the company’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is effective, truthful and transparent. It is also an important means for the company to assess the strengths and weaknesses of its sustainability report and lead to improved reporting and CSR practices.

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