Climate Strategy & Disclosure

Aligning with TCFD recommendations

Alaya helps corporation respond to recommendations from the Task Force for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and stay ahead of the curve by developing a clear climate strategy.

1) Gap analysis
We review your existing management approach to address climate change and related disclosures, thereby enabling you to understand where you need to focus.

2) Governance model
Develop a structured schema for effective governance of climate-related matters beginning from the top of your organisation.

3) Scenario Analysis
We can help you to understand the impacts of varying climate scenarios on your business.

4) Optimise your disclosures
We can guide you to provide investors with the right information.

Alaya is a supporter of TCFD, and have been creating value for our clients by advising them to align with TCFD recommendations.

Establishing Science-Based Targets

Many companies have set targets for GHG reduction that are aligned with what they think they can achieve but are inadequate for addressing the challenges brought by climate change. The global commitment is to limit global warming to well below 2°C and for this purpose, the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has been formed to promote a united and consistent approach that helps each organisation contribute through setting and meeting its own decarbonisation goals.

Science-Based Target (SBT) has become the norm for companies wishing to publicly announce their emissions reduction aspirations. Setting and achieving a SBT requires a managed approach to data collection and analysis, a strategic approach to stakeholder engagement, and a realistic approach to emissions reduction planning. We deploy expert teams to help clients set SBTs such that they drive competitive advantage and address climate change. We support you in setting the goals and planning for appropriate communications with stakeholders.

Alaya is the first ESG consultancy in Asia to Receive Approval for Science-Based Emissions Target. Find out more here.

Verifying carbon reduction

As a qualified carbon reduction verifier under the Carbon Reduction Certificates Scheme in Hong Kong, Alaya is qualified to conduct carbon reduction verification service for office-based organisations as well as non-industrial trades operated within Hong Kong.

Alaya will help identify your baseline carbon emissions and verify the amount of carbon reduction achieved after your company has taken respective carbon reduction measures within the physical and operational boundaries.

Launched in 2009, the Carbon Reduction Certificate aims to encourage local organisations to achieve a verified reduction of carbon emissions and to take measures to reduce their carbon footprints. First-time participants should have achieved at least 3% reduction in overall carbon footprint against baseline.

Achieving carbon neutral

Quantification of GHG emissions is key to reducing emissions, the path being optimisation of energy efficiency and using more of green energy. Companies can then compensate the remaining GHG emissions by carbon offsetting, with an ultimate goal of becoming carbon neutral.

Alaya guides you on your path toward carbon neutrality. First, we help you to quantify, analyse and report your carbon emissions. Our industry experts support you to understand the potential for energy efficiency improvements, and help you disclose your climate strategy, GHG emissions and establish science-based carbon emissions reduction targets.

Our experts can also help review your latest investor or supplier CDP response, with the aim of identifying ways to improve your organisation’s overall scoring. We then help you prepare your current CDP response, based on existing GHG emissions.

Check out our case study with Ronald Lu & Partners and how we track their Science Based Target here.