Alaya Consulting and Corporate Social Responsibility

As our stakeholders, including clients, employees, business partners, and society, place increasing importance on corporate social responsibility, we see it as a creative opportunity to fundamentally strengthen their businesses, while at the same time contributing to the society.

Central to our overall strategies, our major pro-bono programs have been our partnership with Global Reporting Initiative on GRI Data Partner, Greeners Action on Let’s GO, and Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge on promoting young entrepreneurship.

Partnership with NGOs

Smart partnering is emerging as one of the ways to create value for both the business and society simultaneously. Our smart partnering program focuses on key areas of impact between business and society, developing creative solutions that draw on the complementary capabilities of both to address major challenges that affect each partner.

Let’s GO

Let’s GO (Green Office) is the first green office scheme to be coupled with the HKEX requirements on ESG reporting.  We not only offer training for all levels of management to integrate the spirit of corporate social sustainability throughout the entire organization, but we also recommend real, feasible energy saving and waste management practices for offices.

Starting as a free service aiming to promote green office practices, organisations can continue to look for improvements. We partner with Greeners Action, a domestic environmental NGO, to provide baseline analysis by obtaining quantifiable results from energy and environmental improvement projects. For more information on Let’s GO, please visit

GRI Data Partner

Alaya Consulting has been a GRI Data Partner since 2015.  GRI Data Partners collect and process information about GRI reporting and sustainability reporting in general. Globally, GRI has a network of more than 50 data partners who regularly share data with GRI about reports and reporting organizations. They also serve as on-the-ground contacts who identify reporting trends in their countries and regions. The report and organization-related information provided by Data Partners is added to GRI’s Sustainability Disclosure Database.

Successful CSR requires smart partnering

For a Corporate Social Responsibility program to succeed, mutual benefit is not only a reasonable objective. This commitment must be grounded in value-creation potential, just like any other strategic for-profit initiatives.