ESG-focused IR

Asset managers are attaching increasing importance to responsible investment by incorporating ESG considerations in the process of making investment decisions. Companies need to measure and manage ESG risks and opportunities in ways that resonate with investors. It is, therefore, critical for companies to engage with investors on ESG and craft suitable ESG messages to meet their expectations.

Stronger ESG scores and ratings, ESG-related industry accolades, as well as inclusion in sustainability indices are good indicators of companies managing ESG related issues efficiently and effectively. Alaya advises corporates to incorporate ESG in their investor relations strategies. Our specialists can help your company enhance its ESG communications and improve your performance in terms of key ESG indices and ratings. Our services are always customised to your company’s specific needs and assist you to:

1) Conduct comprehensive benchmarking and peer analysis

2) Build a responsible investment case around material issues specific to your industry

3) Reach out to ESG-conscious investors and engage with them on an ongoing basis

4) Gauge perceptions of your targeted ESG analysts and investors

5) Prioritise ESG indices and rankings and improve your performance

Check out our case study in advising companies to improve their ESG ratings and receive ESG disclosure accolades.