ESG Reporting

We’re the award-winning pioneer in ESG reporting.

With approximately 200 sustainability reports under our belt, Alaya Consulting offers practical and actionable advice which results in a more focused approach towards ESG reporting, whether it aims for compliance or striving for excellence in sustainability.

We can act as your in-house coordinators for ESG reporting, taking over the assessment process including data collection, preparing reports and alignment with concerns of your stakeholders for sign-off.


Mapping ESG risks against business imperatives and stakeholder needs can be very complicated and complex. We make it simple, combining your expertise with ours and facilitating dialogue with those who influence your business. Alaya can assist you with:

Data Collection

ESG data is diverse and coming from almost every department.  Collecting data by excel spreadsheets is fast becoming risky and inefficient. We have partnered with InfoSymm, a specialist in ESG Reporting and Data Management Solutions, to simplify data collection, enabling full audit trail and peer benchmarking.   To learn more benefits, please visit InfoSymm.