What are GRI Standards?

GRI Standards help businesses and other organizations communicate the impact of their operations on the wider context, including the environment and society. The GRI framework is referenced in over a hundred policy instruments and dozens of stock exchanges and market regulators across the world. It is used worldwide due to its credibility, flexibility, and adaptability.

Regarding our take on the GRI Standards, check out our article contributed to the January issue of the Journal of the Chartered Secretaries in 2017.

The key feature of GRI Standards

One of the main features of the GRI Standards is that they have a “modular” structure. That is, different topics are independent units that can either stand alone or can be combined to construct a more complex and complete report.

Modular GRI Standards means they can be updated separately, and new Standards can be added in the future as needed. This allows GRI reporters to manage the Standards more easily, in the case of updates or adjustments to the Standards.

Benefits of using GRI Standards

When disclosing non-financial information using the GRI Standards, your business will benefit in many ways. The reporting process allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks and opportunities facing your business.

Sharing information about policies and performance on environmental, social, and governance issues helps you build trust with your customers and partners, monitor and mitigate risk, and find ways to improve efficiency, resulting in a positive impact on your financial results.

By reporting with the GRI Standards, you will also fulfil the compliance requirements of regulations from governments, financial markets, and international organizations. 

GRI pioneered sustainability reporting two decades ago, and the GRI Standards are considered the best global practice today. 

Downloading GRI Standards is free.  To download the Standards, please visit: https://www.globalreporting.org/standards/

Alaya Consulting and GRI

Alaya Consulting is the Certified Training Partner for Hong Kong and Online Certified Training Partner in Mainland China.  We have been organising GRI certified training courses since 2015.  To register our training course on GRI Standards, please visit our sustainability training page.