About Alaya

Our Core Values

Alaya, in Buddhism, means primary, or the eighth consciousness which forms the seeds of future karma. Our vision is similar. We aim to become the leading facilitator of corporate sustainability, planting the seeds of sustainability that can grow into trees for our future generations.

Meet the Team

Our team comprises professionals with diverse experiences, blending compliance, process improvement, environmental engineering, stakeholder engagement and training. We combine insights with passion to solve reporting and communication challenges and to earn the trust of all our stakeholders.

Tony Wong


Regina Tai

Senior Consultant

Mia She


Claudia Lau

Associate Consultant

Sunny Vaghasia

Business Development and
Marketing Manager

Jessie Zhang

Associate Consultant

Kelvin Pong

Associate Consultant

Yuxi Wang

Associate Consultant

Natalie Yau

Associate Consultant

Our Partners

We partner with a number of businesses and industry organisations in the sustainability and business sectors to help our clients achieve their sustainability objectives.

Alaya has become a licensed assurance provider since 2015. We conduct internal and external assurance by applying the Guiding Principles of AccountAbility. In order to operate with the AA1000 Series, assurance providers must be licensed by AccountAbility.

ESG Newswire is the only news platform focusing on ESG in Hong Kong. Alaya has partnered with Newswire to communicate with stakeholders.

Alaya became a GRI Certified Training Partner in Hong Kong in 2015. For details of our certified training courses, please check our training webpage.

HKSEC is a social venture startup competition organized by the Center for Entrepreneurship of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and sponsored by the Home Affairs Bureau. Alaya has been supporting HKSEC since 2014.

Alaya has collaborated with InfoSymm to offer online ESG reporting and data management services.

QYH Investment is a large carbon project developer focusing on solar panels and reforestation initiatives. QYH is also the world’s first company to develop a carbon credit trading platform powered by blockchain to bring trust and transparency to the market. 

Let’s GO is a free education platform for green office and waste management in Hong Kong. It is part of our pro-bono efforts to contribute to sustainable development in Hong Kong.

Solomon is a leading financial printing company in Hong Kong, providing innovative printing solutions, creative design, and one-stop investor relations services. Solomon has been partnering with Alaya to host the HERA Awards ceremony.

We have been partnering with Wisdom IR, one of the best local digital IR services providers in Hong Kong.

The Green Council is a non-profit environmental stewardship organization and certification body with the aim of encouraging the industrial and commercial sectors to include environmental protection in their management and production processes. 

GRESB is the leading Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) benchmark for real estate and infrastructure investments across the world, covering USD 4.5 trillion in real estate and infrastructure value used by institutional and financial investors.